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Typical Pivot Wheel

Typical Pivot Wheel:
Rolls the pivot, causing ruts!

A typical wheel rolls the center pivot through the field, pushing mud ahead of the tire as well as out the sides causing ruts to develop that are often deep and wide. These result in costly machinery wear and tear, erosion, soil compaction, crop loss, and energy consumption.


Pivot Walker

Pivot Walker: Walks the pivot without
costly ruts!

Unlike a conventional wheel, the Pivot Walker walks the pivot through the field. Pivoting footpads evenly distribute the weight of the pivot tower across the width and length of each pad. Mud is kept from pushing out from under the pads by angled side plates and cleats.

Chief Pivot Walker® Uses and Benefits

Chief Pivot Walkers are used on pivot irrigation systems for corn, edible beans, soy beans, potatoes, rye, cotton, pistachios, root crops.

Pivoting foot pads evenly distribute the weight of the tower and mud is prevented from pushing out from under the pad by angled side plates and cleats. The Pivot Walker provides better floatation than typical pivot wheels and the following benefits:

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  • Less machinery wear and tear
    due to elimination of ruts
  • No flat tire to change
  • No need to disk around the circle (closing the tracks), which saves time and fuel
  • Less soil erosion and/or
    soil compaction
  • Narrower track leaves more crop
    in production
  • Easy to mount
  • Self cleaning footpads
  • Less down time and energy consumption
  • Patented design
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